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We Live in a Picker's Paradise

We here at Billie Jean Vintage love throwback thursday, or as we have all come to know and love it- "#tbt". Above is an image from July of 2015, our second ever Brimfield experience as a dynamic duo.

Meghan and I believe in going to extraordinary lengths for a find. Sometimes that means going to the basement of a closing shop in Saratoga Springs, New York. Sometimes it means rummaging through the closet of an out-of-towner's condo in the foothills of Waitsfield, Vermont. Our favorite, though, is riding Interstate 90 to western Massachusetts. Brimfield Antique Show is by far and away one of the most wondrous places for a-pickin'! The land where you can pull a vintage Poison T-shirt from a trashbag while enjoying a lobster roll 74 miles from the nearest ocean; a place where hoarding is both normal and revered.

We are counting down the days until Brimfield, where we intend to dive into every pile of clothing in search of that perfect 40's suit or rugged vintage tour tee.

Check in with us for our #brimfieldfinds on our opening day when we get back! May 14th is fast approaching!

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